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About Us

Many consume art. Some make it possible.

Welcome to Support Black Art, an initiative born out of the necessity to champion, empower, and revolutionize the landscape for black artists in Cincinnati. Our platform is a rallying point, meticulously crafted to organize, inform, and invite individuals to join the Support Black Art movement.


By addressing the systemic challenges facing African American artists,  Support Black Art hopes to level the playing field with access to information, opportunities, and resources crucial for building a sustainable infrastructure.

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Support Black Art was conceived with a visionary goal — to redefine the narrative surrounding black performing arts in Cincinnati. Recognizing the barriers that often hinder the progress of black performing artists, we set out to create a dynamic space that not only supports Revolution Dance Theatre, Cincinnati's emerging African American Ballet company and the lead agency behind Support Black Art but also nurtures and uplifts individual black artists across various disciplines.


Inspire a movement to sustainably celebrate and support black culture 


how we do it.

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Creating Opportunities for More Individual artists.

We allocate resources to create paid opportunities for individual black artists. Whether production crew, musicians, or writers, we seek to bolster the careers of individuals who contribute to the vibrant cultural mosaic of Cincinnati

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Education and Empowerment

We believe in the power of knowledge. Support Black Art funds workshops and e-learning experiences designed to share information and skills, empowering black creatives to navigate and succeed in the competitive world of the arts

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Innovative Social Campaigns

Our commitment extends beyond the stage and studio. We spearhead innovative social campaigns that uplift black artists and resonate within black communities. Through storytelling, activism, and community engagement, we aim to bring about a positive transformation

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